How to Get a Job

When you are looking for employment it is important to mentally prepare yourself and find an effective job hunting process. This aims to take the stress out of the search.

Don’t put it off

Employers are often negative towards candidates who have a career gap without explanation. Ensure you start job seeking straight away.

Identify your career interest

Choose a key career path that interests you, as this will help you narrow your job search.


Always read the job carefully before you apply, and familiarise yourself with the company.

Seeking advice

Check what should be included on your CV or job application and then ensure all spelling and punctuation is correct.

Attend all interviews

Attending interviews will help to build confidence and improve your interview technique.

Interview research and preparation

Find out the type of interview you are attending and whether it is likely to include presentation, task or exam. Research the organisation and specific job role prior to the interview. Show enthusiasm throughout.


Usually interviews are followed up after a couple of days. If you are unsuccessful ask for feedback as this will make you more aware for future interviews.

Stay positive

Try to stay positive throughout the whole job seeking approach, keep an optimistic outlook and remain motivated!

Redundancy rescue

If you have recently been a victim of the economic recession and suffered from a redundancy, it is important you focus on the experience gained whilst you were in this role.

International advice

If you are an international citizen seeking work in the Afghanistan, it is vital you apply for a full working visa.

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